Raceway Park Closes

Today, Sunday September 1st, 2013 is a sad day for the racing community here in the midwest. We at Elko Speedway feel like we have lost a brother. With the closing of Raceway Park our heart goes out to all of the fans, drivers, and management. We believe that Raceway Park was a huge part of the glue that held together the racing community here in the midwest. We would like to take a moment to recognize the good times, great memories and lasting relationships that were formed at Raceway Park. We realize that the excitement of Raceway Park will never be forgotten. We also realize that we will never be able to replace Raceway Park, but in the wake of its recent closing it is our job to welcome and accommodate our fellow race enthusiasts. Lets face it, the economy is tough these days and the racing scene is even tougher. The management at Raceway Park did their absolute best to keep their track alive. With the closing of Raceway Park we are hit with a realization. The realization that we are going to need to try our absolute best to keep Raceway Park’s legacy alive.

Our own flagman, Kyle Estes spoke to us about his experiences with Raceway Park. Kyle grew up on the track, learned how to drive there, and spent much of his youth in the Raceway Park community. At one point Kyles uncle owned both Elko Speedway and Raceway Park. Kyle reflected on how, “They’ve been competing for many years, but they really found a way to coexist. For many drivers this meant twice the fun. To me, Raceway Park has always represented the more laid back, down home feel. I think recently Elko Speedway has been doing a great job bringing that aspect to its track, and it is great that we still have a place to do this.”

We also spoke with father and son racing team Bud and Brent Kane. Bud spent some time racing at Raceway Park. Brent Kane, along with racing at Elko Speedway on Saturday nights, has had his fair share of Sunday nights at Raceway Park. Bud Kane said, “I’ve seen a lot of tracks go away and I hate to see a track go, but it was just a victim of the economy. We just need to look ahead, create new memories and start a new tradition.”

We want the racing community to know that we at Elko Speedway will be making every attempt and doing everything in our power to accommodate those affected by the loss of Raceway Park. Between now and next season we will be finding solutions to these accommodations and putting in our best efforts to continue building the racing community here at Elko Speedway. Thank you all for your continued support, we look forward to many more years spent building the future of racing together.

For more info visit: https://www.goracewaypark.com/

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