Q: Do you allow outside food and/or beverages?

A: We have full concessions available on site along with a bar.

Q: What times do gates open?

A: The gates open to the public at 4:30pm.

Q: What times does the action start?

A: Action starts at 5pm. Please see our schedule of events for when we have events.

Q: What times does your pit gate open and close?

A: The pit gate opens at 2pm and closes at 5pm.

Q: Do you allow tailgating?

A: You are welcome to tailgate, picnic, and BBQ at ELKO! during normal business hours. For your safety and the safety of others please respect the people around you by limiting smoke and flames, and dispose of used charcoal in the designated bins located near the Drive-In concessions building in the parking lot. (Outside alcohol is strictly prohibited on ELKO! property).

Q: Do you allow Camping On-Site?

A: Sorry but we do NOT allow camping on-site. If you have a an RV or Camper trailer you are welcome to park, tailgate, and stay for the races or entertainment but you are not allowed to stay overnight. (PLEASE NOTE: Parking is first come first serve)

Q: I would like to find a safe and sober ride home, can I leave my car at ELKO! overnight?

A: We believe in responsible and sober driving so vehicles may be left overnight, just not stayed in or slept in. Vehicles can be picked up Sunday morning when the gates are re-opened usually around 9AM.


Q: If I purchase tickets online can you scan them off my phone?

A: ELKO! can scan your online tickets off your phone or by paper printout, allowing you to choose what works best for you.

Q: Do you sell tickets on-site at the gates?

A: Yes, we sell tickets on-site at the gates starting at 5PM* (*subject to change for special events). We also offer online ticket sales to allow you to get tickets ahead of time and enter through the “Pre-Paid, Online Sales” gate.

Q: Are Tickets General Admission now?

A: All tickets at ELKO! are General addmission for all events during the season (Seating is First-Come-First-Serve). ELKO! Sky-Box Suite Tickets can be bought and the suites reserved. Email info@elkospeedway.com for more information on Suite pricing and availability.

Q: What is the Rain-Out policy?

A: ELKO! Ticket Policy: No Refunds, No Exchanges, or Cancellations. In the event of a rain out under Elko Holding Co.’s sole discretion tickets purchased physically at the track (described as from the ticketing booth), persons at the track may receive notice that their tickets will be valid for dates deemed by Elko Holding Co. at that time. Tickets purchased ONLINE ONLY may be sent a redeem link for the same style of event, (ex: Nascar for Nascar Ticket & Eve for Eve Ticket). Elko Holding Co. reserves the right to cancel either policy at any time.


Q: Do you have track cars for rent?

A: Elko no longer has track cars available for rental, but if you want the experience of driving on the track you can enter spectator drags on Eve of Destruction nights, (how to enter can be found below).

Q: How can I bring my car for spectator drags racing?

A: You must show up before 5pm and sign all the necessary waivers and purchase a $40 pit pass online or $45 pit pass on site which will allow you access to the pits, this pass acts as your ticket to the track as well. (Helmets mandatory, must supply own helmet)

Q: Can I bring my own bus for the bus races?

A: Elko has our own fleet of buses that we run for the bus races.

Q: How do I sign up to be a bus driver for the bus races?

A: Elko currently has bus drivers lined up for the season.

Q: What is your policy on Smoking?

A: There is NO-SMOKING in/on Red Main Grandstands or Family Section, Smoking is permitted in designated areas, patrons may be asked to move to a designated smoking area if distrupting others.


Q: Will you be showing two movies per night?

A: At this time we will only be showing 1 movie on event nights. Please see our schedule of events for when we have events.

Q: How do we listen to the Movie?

A: Tune your FM radio to 89.1 to listen, any radio that can us FM will pick up the signal (Car or Handheld).

Q: What time does the movie start at the Drive-In?

A: Movies will start at 10pm and tickets sales will start on site at 9pm.

Q: What happens if it rains for movies?

A: Drive-In movies play Rain or Shine.