Saturday, September 24th! Season Finale!

Gates open at 4:30pm, Action Starts at 5pm

2022 Sample Event Schedule

Summer is ending, so let’s send it off the best way we know how at the Season Finale at ELKO! Come to our most destructive night of the season with the jet car, lumberjacks, fireworks, and the trailer races! Cheer on the carnage that we save all season to unleash for the very last time in 2022!

Trailer Race Rules

Enjoy a night full of family friendly entertainment, and we’ll see you at the races!

What will be there?

What better way to close out the season than with Fireworks! Enjoy the color and the sound and spectacle of the shells bursting in the night sky. Thrill at the sight and the thump in your chest.

Jet Car
What happens to a vehicle when it meets a jet engine? It melts, it burns, and it explodes, that’s what! Come see the Jet Truck in action.

Trailer Races
Our most dangerous and destructive race all year! See all the drivers crazy enough to join in these races swerve around the track pulling trailers that almost have minds of their own. Watch the carnage unfold!

Timberworks Lumberjack Show
See these athletes of the outdoors chop and saw their way through more wood than a woodchuck can chuck! Watch the carve with chainsaws, throw axes, and dance on the log rolls!

The Animals Of Walton Hollow
Rabbits and goats and sheep, oh my! Bring the kids for an up close experience with a number of barnyard animals. Let them pet and play with the animals and even get to ride ponies on our Concourse.

School Bus Figure-8 Races
The bus races get wilder and crazier as the season closes! See these yellow giants weave and smack and crunch into each other as they fight their way around the track. Never miss the last night!

All five classes of racing including the Late Models, Thundercars, Power Stocks, Bandoleros and Legends are running! Cheer them on to the championship in their final races of the season!

Spectator Drags
Bring your car and your helmet and prove you’re the fastest around! Join the drags or watch the show as folks just like you compete in one lap races around the track. Each racer keeps driving until they lose, winner takes all the glory!

Join us for an amazing night of family entertainment! We’ll see you at the races!