(RACE RECAP) September 25th, 2021 Season Finale

September 25, 2021 – Elko, MN

By Jason D Searcy

The Season Championship and Tribute night wrapped up the 2021 race season in front of a full crowd during Eve of Destruction at Elko Speedway on Saturday night.

The NASCAR sanctioned Late Model division sponsored by The Car Lot of New Prague (MN) had two 25 lap feature events as part of the Annual Dwain Behrens memorial race, Behrens was a 2 time ELKO Champion who died in a snowmobile accident, the first race was held in 1994.

The first Late Model feature had #3 Chris Marek lead early, the caution light lit on lap 6, after the restart #6 Owin Giles challenged Marek and finally took the lead on lap 16. Fast qualifier #52 Chad Walen from Prior Lake (MN) started the race outside of the 7th row, he raced up through the field and finally caught Giles with a couple laps remaining, in a thrilling finish Walen bolted past Giles for the top spot on the last lap to win by 0.068 seconds, it was his fourth feature win of the year at ELKO. Owin Giles finished second, #72 Jacob Goede was third, Chris Marek fourth and #8 Billy Mohn fifth of the 18 cars entered.

The second 25 lap Late Model feature had #54 Dylan Moore taking the lead off the start, on laps 8 and 12 the yellow flag flew compressing the field of cars. After the second caution #21 Adam Bendzick from New Prague (MN) got side by side with Moore and then after numerous laps took the lead on lap 19 but he just could not pull away from Moore. Adam Bendzick held onto the top spot and won by only 0.166 seconds, it was his fourth win of the season at ELKO. Jacob Goede #72 from Carver (MN) started the race in the fourth row, he weaved through the field and passed Moore for second place in the last set of corners. Dylan Moore was third, #50 Steve Anderson fourth and #52 Chad Walen fourth.

The Dwain Behrens memorial winner is determined by adding the finishing positions of both races together for each driver, the driver with the smallest number wins, the tie-breaker is qualifying position. Chad Walen had a 1 and 5 in the two races for a total of 6, Jacob Goede had a 3 and, because of that last lap pass, a 2 for a total of 5, so he was determined the winner. Chad Walen had the tiebreaker so if it were not for that last lap pass the win would’ve gone to Walen instead. It was the 6th time Jacob Goede has won this race.

Jacob Goede #72 was also awarded his 8th consecutive Premier division points Championship at Elko Speedway, Chad Walen finished second, Adam Bendzick third, Billy Mohn fourth and Chris Marek fifth, Bryan Wrolstad sixth, Jeremy Wolff seventh, Bryan Syer-Keske eighth, Steve Anderson Jr ninth and Michael Ostdiek tenth. Jacob Goede also finished 2nd in the Advanced Auto NASCAR Hometracks National points for Division 1.

The 8th annual Scott Kingery memorial race was held in the NASCAR sanctioned Genz-Ryan Thunder Car division at ELKO. The first 20 lap feature had #8 Taylor Goldman take the early lead until fast qualifier #3 Conrad Jorgenson from Lakeville (MN) took over the top spot on lap 7. Jorgenson then shot ahead of the field in this cautionless race and won by 4.004 seconds, it was his 9th win of 2021 at ELKO. Dillon Seller #07 finished second, #99 Brent Kane was third, #9 Adam Wiebusch fourth and Taylor Goldman fifth of the 13 cars entered.

The second Thunder Car feature had #09 Matt Wiebush from Lonsdale (MN) starting up front, he led the race flag to flag in this cautionless affair and won by 2.411 seconds, it was the first win of the season for Wiebusch. Conrad Jorgenson #3 finished second, #9 Adam Wiebusch was third, #07 Dillon Sellner fourth and #99 Brent Kane was fifth. With his win and second place finish for a total of 3 points Conrad Jorgenson was awarded the Scott Kingery memorial trophy, Scott Kingery was a long time racer and car owner at Elko Speedway who died after a fight with Cancer, it is the second time Jorgenson has won this event, the other was in 2014.

Dillon Sellner #07 from Randolph (MN) won the Elko Speedway Thunder Car points Championship, it is his first ever Championship. Adam Wiebusch finished second in points, Conrad Jorgenson third, Matt Wiebusch fourth and Taylor Goldman fifth, Norm Grabinger sixth, Tony Holm seventh, Ben Gannon eighth, Dave Robinson ninth and Brent Kane tenth.

The INEX sanctioned Legends cars raced two 20 lap features at Elko Speedway Saturday night. The first race had #33 Ryan Rose lead early until #71 Jon Lemke from Savage (MN) took over the top spot on lap three. A caution occurred on lap seven, in that wreck the point leader #87 Robby Carter narrowly avoided the wall and serious damage to his car. After the restart Lemke resumed the lead and won by 0.354 seconds, it was his 6th win of the season at ELKO. Colin Stocker #8 was second just edging Robby Carter who finished 0.005 seconds behind Stocker for third, #64 Tyler Ledbetter fourth and #7 Jacob Tiegen fifth, fast-timer #47 Austin Jahr was 6th of the 18 cars entered.

The second Legends feature had veteran driver #43 Bruce Allen take the early lead, #03 Keith Paulsrud grabbed the top spot on lap six and then #7 Jacob Tiegen took over the top position on lap eleven. A caution occurred with three laps remaining, on the restart point leader #87 Robby Carter and Jacob Tiegen tangled sending Carter into the wall at the exit of corner two and destroying his car with heavy damage, amazingly Carter emerged from his mangled car apparently unhurt. After another restart #47 Austin Jahr from Farmington (MN) took over the lead and ran to the checkers unchallenged and winning by 0.738 seconds, it was his fifth win of the season at ELKO. Jon Lemke #71 was second, Keith Paulsrud third, #19 Mike Hanson fourth and 8 Colin Stocker fifth.

Even though his car was totalled on Championship night Robby Carter #87 from Lakeville (MN) had enough points to win his first Legends Championship at Elko Speedway, Jon Lemke finished second, Colin Stocker third, Ryan Rose fourth, Austin Jahr fifth, Tyler Ledbetter sixth, Blake Haynes seventh, Peter Greenman eighth, Robert Michaels ninth and Bruce Allen tenth.

The NASCAR sanctioned Pepsi Power Stocks raced two 20 lap feature events at Elko Speedway on Saturday night. In the first race #66 Joe Prusak from Clayton (WI) grabbed the early lead and never let it go, he felt lots of pressure high and low from #3 Jimmie Jorgenson but Prusak ran to the checkers unscathed and won by 2.162 seconds, it was the 3rd win of the season for Prusak who has more than 200 wins in his career. Jimmie Jorgenson crossed the finish line second but was disqualified in post race inspection. Mike Stoer #8 was awarded second, #83 Julie Jorgenson third, fast-timer #88 Nick Oxborough fourth and #56 Paul Hamilton fifth of the 16 cars entered.

The second Power Stock feature had #77 Payton Letcher lead the first lap and #8 Dave Montour take the lead on the second lap, #25 Jason Michaud from Otsego (MN) grabbed the top spot on lap 5 and then ran away from the pack, he won his cautionless race by a whopping 4.819 seconds, it was the first win of the season for Michaud. Nick Oxborough #88 finished second, #08 Mike Stoer third, Dave Montour fourth and #19 Mark Berg fifth. Lots of side by side passes and action occurred throughout the field but somehow no yellow flags were displayed.

Nick Oxborough #88 from Lakeville (MN) won his fourth Power Stock Championship at Elko Speedway, Julie Jorgenson was second, Mike Stoer third, Paul Hamilton fourth, Joe Prusak fifth, Matt Frye sixth, Gary Stokvis seventh, Jimmie Jorgenson eighth, Mark Berg ninth and James Tich tenth.

The INEX sanctioned Bandoleros raced two 12 lap features Saturday night at Elko Speedway to wrap up the 2021 season. In the first race #32 Colton Roe Pershall took an early big lead until a car dropped fluid on the track causing numerous cars to spin and a pair of caution periods. After the restart the #18 of Leighton Rose challenged Roe Pershall side by side for the lead but then at the halfway point #12 Ayrton Brockhouse of Shakopee (MN) passed them both for the top spot. The #88 of Cohen Henze drove up from his 13th starting position to challenge Brockhouse for the lead and finally passing him on lap 9, then the next lap Henze went high out of corner 4 and Brockhouse passed him back with two laps to go in the race and held on for the win by 0.823 seconds, it was his 7th win of the season at Elko Speedway. Cohen Henze finished second, #10 Danny Mann was third, Leighton Rose fourth and Colton Roe Pershall fifth of the 13 cars entered.

The second Bando feature had #57 Mark Anderson Jr take the early lead, on lap 3 #88 Cohen Henze from Juda (WI) grabbed the top spot. A yellow flag on lap 8 and again on lap 10 compressed the field of cars. After the restart #12 Ayrton Brockhouse raced up and challenged for the lead, on the white flag lap he pushed sideways and spun down the frontstretch in a last ditch effort for the top spot. The Jefferson Speedway and State Park Speedway Champion Cohen Henze then cruzed home for the victory, his first at Elko Speedway, winning by 0.916 seconds, Mark Anderson Jr was second, #56 Clayton Dorner third, #22 Bentley Thompson fourth and #13 Ayden Brockhouse was fifth.

Ayden Brockhouse won his second straight Bandolero points Championship at Elko Speedway. Clayton Dorner was second, Danny Mann third, Ayden Brockhouse fourth, Leighton Rose fifth, Jackson Kottschade sixth, Jake Lipinski 7th, Kaylee Krause 8th, Colton Roe Pershall 9th and Mark Anderson Jr 10th.

All points and results are unofficial

The Eve of Destruction attractions winners included Steve Anderson from Northfield (MN) with his 1986 Chevy Monte Carlo in the Spectator Drags and Jaare Kraus from Lonsdale MN in the Figure 8 Trailer Race, best appearing car was won by Nick Oxborough in a Dodge Intrepid.

Austin Matta showed his Drifting skills with his Nissan 240 S14 pro spec drift machine, Josh Baumgartner thrilled the crowd with his Monster Truck named Mechanical Mischief and Kayla Erickson highlighted the evening by melting a minivan down to its core with her Jet Truck named Magdatude.

The 2021 race season then ended with a wonderful Aerial display of Fireworks. Elko Speedway thanks all race fans for their attendance in 2021 and invites you to join us again Memorial Day weekend in 2022.

Get more information at ElkoSpeedway.com or follow Elko Speedway on Social Media. Elko Speedway is a NASCAR sanctioned high banked asphalt oval 3/8th mile race track with stadium seating located 30 minutes South of the Twin Cities in Elko-New Market (MN).

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