(RACE RECAP) July 30th, 2022 Eve Of Destruction

July 30, 2022 – Elko, MN

By Jason D Searcy

July went out with a bang with an action packed Eve of Destruction at Elko Speedway. The NASCAR sanctioned Late Model division sponsored by The Car Lot of New Prague (MN) had two 25 lap feature events on Saturday night.

The first Late Model feature was won by #6 Owin Giles of New Market (MN), Giles started the race in the 3rd row and worked his way to the front, he took the lead with just 3 laps to go and won by 1.079 seconds at the finish line. It is the third win of the season at ELKO for Giles who is running the full Big 8 series schedule this year. Jake Ryan #19 finished second, #13 Bryan Wrolstad third, #7 Teddy Kottschade led 20 laps and finished fourth, fast-timer #52 Chad Walen was fifth of the 21 cars competing.

The second 25 lap Late Model feature was won by #47 Hunter Paine from Mound (MN), he is the son of Legendary ASA driver Paul Paine, he won the race by 0.498 seconds, it was the first career win for Hunter Paine who is in only his second full season of driving a Late Model car. Adam Bendzick #21 finished second, defending Champion #72 Jacob Goede was third, #53 Jared Duda led some laps and finished fourth and #32 Jeremy Wolff rounded out the Top 5.

Chad Walen now leads Jacob Goede by 27 points in the race for the 2022 ELKO points Championship.

NASCAR sanctioned Thunder Cars raced two 20 laps features during Eve of Destruction. Five-time Elko Speedway Thunder Car Champion #3 Conrad Jorgenson from Lakeville (MN) won the first race, he beat defending Champion #07 Dillon Sellner by 0.755 seconds at the finish line. Adam Wiebusch #9 was accredited with third place and his brother #09 Matt Wiebusch was fourth, they raced side by side for many laps up near the front. Taylor Goldman #8 was fifth of the 12 cars competing. Fast-timer #99 Brent Kane crossed the finish line third but was disqualified in post-race technical inspection.

The second Thunder Car feature event had #09 Matt Wiebusch take the early lead and then 4-time Elko Speedway Thunder Car Champion #99 Brent Kane from Lonsdale (MN) grabbed the top spot on lap 3 of 20. Kane held on through a late race caution and won the race by 0.421 seconds, it was the fourth win of the season for Brent Kane. Dillon Sellner #07 was second, #3 Conrad Jorgenson third, Matt Wiebusch fourth and #9 Adam Wiebusch fifth.

Dillon Sellner now has a 14 point lead over Conrad Jorgenson and 40 point lead over Brent Kane in the race for the 2022 Thunder Car Championship at ELKO.

The INEX sanctioned Great North Legends raced two 20 lap features at Elko Speedway on Saturday night. Colin Stocker from Northfield (MN) won both of those races and now has 5 wins at ELKO this summer.

The first race was marred by a big wreck down the front stretch on lap 2, numerous cars were involved, many cars dropped out or completed the race with a damaged car. Colin Stocker #8 won by 1.026 seconds over #71 Jon Lemke, #3 Luke Allen was third, fast-timer #75 Baiden Heskett led some laps and finished fourth and 12 year old #12 Ayrton Brockhouse was fifth of the 18 cars competing. Ryan Rose #33 led some laps but did not finish the race.

The second Legends feature event had the same winner but it was a much different race. Colin Stocker won by just 0.337 seconds over #75 Baiden Heskett, this race had lots of hard racing and lots of different leaders including third place finisher #71 Jon Lemke and fourth place finisher #11 Jessie Mahoney, #12 Ayrton Brockhouse was fifth. Nick Johnson #2 and Bruce Allen #43 also led some laps in this exciting back and forth affair.
Colin Stocker now leads Baiden Heskett by 25 points in the race for the 2022 Legends Championship at ELKO.

The NASCAR sanctioned Power Stock division raced two features during Eve of Destruction at Elko Speedway. The first race was won by veteran driver #66 Joe Prusak from Clayton (WI), he won by 0.404 seconds and it was his third win of the season at ELKO. Matt Frye #13 finished second, #19 Mark Berg third, fast-qualifier #88 Nick Oxborough was fourth and #56 Paul Hamilton led some laps and finished fifth of the 14 cars entered.

The second 20 lap feature in the Power Stock division had #83 Julie Jorgenson from Lakeville (MN) winning by 1.63 seconds, it was her first win of the season at ELKO. Nick Oxborough #88 started in the third row and raced up to finish second, #08 Mike Stoer was third, #3 Jimmie Jorgenson fourth and #19 Mark Berg fifth. Brock Westermayer #10 led some laps early and finished 9th.

Nick Oxborough now had a 41 point lead over Mike Stoer and 54 point lead over Joe Prusak in the race for the 2022 Power Stock Championship at ELKO.

The INEX sanctioned Bando division raced two 12 lap features at Elko Speedway on Saturday night. The first race was won by #57 Mark Anderson jr from Arden Hills (MN), it was an epic battle as he and #10 Danny Mann swapped the lead mid-race, Anderson jr won by just a whisker at the finish line, the official winning margin was only 0.005 seconds. It was his third win of the season at ELKO. Danny Mann was second, #18 Leighton Rose third, #13 Ayden Brockhouse fourth and #32 Colton Roe Pershall fifth of the 11 cars entered.

The second Bando feature was won by #10 Danny Mann from Elko (MN), he won by 1.474 seconds, it was his 5th win of the season at Elko Speedway. Mark Anderson jr #57 was second, Ayden Brockhouse #13 led some laps and finished third, #5 Christopher Flynn fourth and #18 Leighton Rose fifth.

Leighton Rose now has a slim 3 point lead over Danny Mann and 7 point advantage over Mark Anderson Jr in the race for the 2022 Bando Championship at ELKO.

All points and results are unofficial at the time of this release

The huge Eve of Destruction crowd was thrilled by the debut of MAW wrestling on the concourse.

Rampage Santana pinned Aaron Arsenal, Kit Sackett pinned Nikki Heat, the System pinned Nick Pride and in a tag-team match Nick Pride and Rampage Santana defeated the System and X.

John Donohue from St Paul (MN) won the Spectator drags driving a 1972 Ford Gran Torino. Two riders from Wisconsin did tricks on their rocket bikes during Twin Stunts.

The First Monster Truck Mania Champions were crowned at Elko Speedway during Eve of Destruction.

The Racing Champion was Jeramiah Crane from St Cloud (MN) driving Legendary Monster Truck Wild Thang. He completed the obstacle course in just 32 seconds.

The Freestyle Champion was decided by Fan Vote at ElkoSpeedway.com, the winner was Kasey Kromschroeder from Cambridge (MN) driving the classic Monster Patrol truck. Josh Baumgartner in Mechanical Mischief and Travis Schweizer in Boss Gator did some incredible tricks during Freestyle thrilling the crowd.

A bus rolled over during the School Bus races to end the evening at Elko Speedway.

Next up at Elko Speedway is an Eve of Destruction on Saturday Aug 13th with all 5 divisions of cars racing plus ATV Big Air, the Get Er Done Monster trucks, Mega Jump bmx, spectator drags, school bus races, petting zoo, music and much more. Gates open at 4:30pm, action begins at 5pm.

Elko Speedway is a 3/8th mile high banked NASCAR sanctioned asphalt oval racetrack 30 minutes South of the Twin Cities in Elko/New Market (MN), get more information at ElkoSpeedway.com

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