(RACE RECAP) July 16th, 2022 Eve Of Destruction

July 16, 2022 – Elko, MN

By Jason D Searcy

The summer is heating up and so is the racing at Elko Speedway during Eve of Destruction.

After a long layoff from racing at ELKO, former Big 8 division Champion #19 Jake Ryan from Elko (MN) is now back in the groove in 2022, he won his second NASCAR sanctioned Late Model feature event sponsored by the Car Lot of New Prague (MN) on Saturday night. Jake Ryan got ahead of former Thunder Car Champion #32 Jeremy Wolff after a long battle side by side and fought him back the entire 25 lap event, Ryan won by 1.032 seconds at the finish line. Wolff finished second, #52 Chad Walen third, #18 Michael Ostdiek fourth and #10 Dustin Mann fifth. Defending Champion #72 Jacob Goede finished 7th. Fast-Qualifier Nick Panitzke filling in for #3 Chris Marek started dead last in 22nd position and moved up to 11th at the finish, he also scored the fastest lap of the race.

The second Late Model feature had #21 Adam Bendzick from New Prague (MN) winning in an exciting race that had the big crowd rising to their feet. Bendzick got to the front after starting the race in the third row, he passed former Thunder Car Champion #37 Bryce Blohm with a move on the high side on lap 19 of 25, Blohm didn’t give up easily and it was a drag race to the finish. Bendzick won by the slimmest of margins, just 0.152 seconds ahead at the finish line. Bryce Blohm was second, 8-time Champion #72 Jacob Goede just 0.309 behind to finish third. Just after the finish Goede and Blohm had contact resulting in damage as the cars spun up into corner #1. Ryan Varner #31 finished fourth and #18 Michael Ostdiek fifth of the 22 cars competing. Point leader Chad Walen #52 finished 8th. It was the first win of the season for Adam Bendzick at ELKO.

Chad Walen now has a 39 point lead over #72 Jacob Goede in the battle for the 2022 Late Model Championship at Elko Speedway.

The Thunder Car division had two very close and exciting finishes on Saturday night during Eve of Destruction at Elko Speedway. The first one had defending Champion #07 Dillon Sellner from Randolph (MN) edging fast-qualifier #99 Brent Kane by just 0.19 seconds at the finish line. Norm Grabinger #92 led many laps early and finished third followed by #09 Matt Wiebusch and #9 Adam Wiebusch fifth. Six-time ELKO Champion Conrad Jorgenson #3 dropped out with mechanical problems on lap 7 and finished 13th.

The second Thunder Car 20 lap feature had the same two drivers battling for the win at the finish. Dillon Sellner #07 edged #99 Brent Kane by 0.603 at the finish to score a clean-sweep on the night, it was his fourth win of 2022 at ELKO. Tony Holm #14 led some laps and finished third, Matt Wiebusch #09 was fourth and #9 Adam Wiebusch fifth. Conrad Jorgenson #3 had a flat tire and pitted under caution, he finished 9th of the 13 cars competing.

Dillon Sellner and Brent Kane are now tied for the Thunder Car point lead, Conrad Jorgenson is now 17 points back in the battle for the 2022 Championship at ELKO.

A great field of 24 Great North Legends took the track during Eve of Destruction at Elko Speedway Saturday night. 12 year old Ayrton Brockhouse from Shakopee (MN) won his first ever Legends division race in just his 12th attempt, Ayrton is the son of former ELKO Champion Tim Brockhouse. Ayrton started the race in the 5th row, raced his way up front, and won by 0.443 seconds over #8 Colin Stocker, #11 Jesse Mahoney was third, Robby Carter #87 was fourth and #64 Tyler Ledbetter fifth. Ayrton Brockhouse took the lead by passing #33 Ryan Rose on lap 16 of 20, Rose tried to hang on but spun and gathered up #71 Jon Lemke dropping both of the drivers out of the race. Fast qualifier #75 Baiden Heskett finished 16th after being involved in an incident.

The second INEX sanctioned Legends feature event had #8 Colin Stocker from Northfield (MN) winning his third trophy of the year at ELKO. Fourth row starter Stocker got the lead on lap 16 by passing #2 Rob Thurston, after some contact Thurston spun and gathered in #3 Dirk Henry who hit the wall and did not finish. Defending Champion #87 Robby Carter finished second, #75 Baiden Heskett third, #64 Tyler Ledbetter fourth and #11 Jessie Manhoney scored her second Top-5 finish of the night.

Colin Stocker now has a 20 point lead over Baiden Heskett in the race for the 2022 Legends point championship at Elko Speedway.

A nice field of 15 cars put on a show in the Power Stock division at ELKO, in the first 20 lap feature during Eve of Destruction #08 Mike Stoer from Prior Lake (MN) won for the second time of the season. Stoer took the lead on lap 11 after a caution period and raced side by side with #83 Julie Jorgenson for numerous laps. This was the first race of the season for Jorgenson who returned to the track after having a baby earlier this year. Jorgenson finished 1.118 seconds behind for the runner-up position, #62 Tom Doten led some laps and finished third, #3 Jimmie Jorgenson fourth and fast-qualifier #88 Nick Oxborough finished fifth.

The second Power Stock feature had #57 Jesse Fischer from Eagan (MN) winning for the third time this season. Fischer took the lead on lap 5 and then held back the hard charges of #88 Nick Oxborough to win by just 0.12 seconds at the finish line. It was the third win of the season for Fischer. Oxborough finished second, #66 Joe Prusak third, #56 Paul Hamilton fourth and #08 Mike Stoer fifth. Payton Letcher #77 led some laps early but ended up slamming the wall and going up on two wheels down the back stretch, he did not finish and was scored in 15th place.

Nick Oxborough now has a 30 point lead over Mike Stoer and 38 point lead over Joe Prusak in the race for the 2022 Power Stock Championship at ELKO.

The INEX sanctioned Bandoleros had 10 cars racing two 12 lap feature events. In the first race #57 Mark Anderson Jr from Arden Hills (MN) passed #18 Leighton Rose on lap 8 to take the lead, #10 Danny Mann dropped out with mechanical problems with a few laps to go. Mark Anderson Jr extended his lead and won by 1.983 seconds at the finish line, it was his second win of the season at ELKO. Ayden Brockhouse #13 finished second, Leighton Rose third, #32 Colton Roe Pershall fourth and #27 Riley Goodwin fifth.

The second Bando feature during Eve of Destruction had Danny Mann #10 from Elko (MN) winning his 4th feature event of the year at ELKO. Mark Anderson Jr #57 kept it close but Mann won the race by 0.69 seconds at the finish line. Ayden Brockhouse #13 was third, Leighton Rose led some laps and finished fourth and #27 Riley Goodwin was fifth.

Leighton Rose is the leader in the race for the 2022 Bando Championship at Elko Speedway, Danny Mann is 14 points behind for second and Mark Anderson Jr is 18 points back in third position.

All points and results were unofficial at the time of this posting.

Up Next at Elko Speedway is an Eve of Destruction on Saturday July 30th, you will see all 5 divisions of racing plus Monster Truck Mania with 4 monster trucks, Twin Stunt motorcycle stunts, MWA Professional Wrestling and much more. Gates open at 4:30pm. Get more information at ElkoSpeedway.com

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