Introducing Hornets Figure 8 Racing

The 2015 season will bring a few changes to the class “Ministocks.”
The former “Mini-stocks” will now be titled “Hornets” and Elko will be adding Figure 8 events on
some or most of the Eve of Destruction nights to this class. Drivers, check out the rules below.
Fans, get ready for an exciting show!

Hornets Figure 8 Racing Rules:

– Drivers will draw for spots.

-The small inside track will be used.

-Minimum of 8 cars to start.

-NASCAR licenses will be required for Hornets that are competing in the Hornet class for NASCAR points. If the driver is only competing in the Fig 8 class – than no NASCAR license is required. It might be beneficial though because of the insurance the driver would get from NASCAR.

-The rules for Figure 8’s will follow the Hornet (formerly Mini-Stocks) specifications but INCLUDE a mandatory passenger side door plate.

-The doorplate must be a minimum of 3/16” thick X 8” tall, extend at least 4” past each door seam, and be mounted so the bottom is 16” from the ground.

-The Hornets race tires will be allowed. D.O.T. street tires can be run so long as they are an “H” or under speed rating. NO V, Z,W, or Y speed rating tires.


More information and dates to be announced soon!

For more info contact Bob Drewry @
(612) 282-4370 or tech@elkospeedway.com


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