Elko Speedway 2014 Season Update

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Attention Power Stock and Mini Stock drivers looking to join us at Elko Speedway next season. We are aware that some of you (particularly those coming from Raceway Park) are wondering how Elko Speedway will adapt to the influx of varying race cars. We want you to know that we are here to accommodate you in the best way we can. The following is a break down on how we see best fit to make the 2014 season a fair and accommodating process for all drivers:

In the 2014 racing season we will be incorporating the Thunder V8’s, the Fig 8 cars and the 305 Bomber Cars from Raceway Park into our Power Stock Division. We believe that these will be a great fit for this division. All tires in this division will be 850 Hoosiers and the bodies will be pure stock, no additions or subtractions other than the rear spoiler. 305 Mid-Size Cars will need a Coleman Hub and updated rear axels to prevent loss of wheels during the races. Fig 8’s will need to straighten out their front ends and prepare the car to turn left only.

Full Size 350 – 4V – 3200 lb.
Mid Size 305 – 2V – 2800 lb.
Mid Size 305 – 4V 0 3000 lb.

Chassis Mid Size:
R.F. Hub
Updated Rear Axels for safetey

Axel Final Ratio: 2.41:1

The 2014 racing season will include the Mini Stock Division on a weekly basis, with very little changes. The bodies will remain the same, no additions or alterations. We will have a mandatory 850 compound tire on the front of the vehicle, and this will be optional on the rear. In order to even out the playing field we will be eliminating any Dual Cam, High Horse, V-Tech Hondas. This will be a low cost, entry level and affordable class.

We look forward to seeing lots of new drivers at Elko Speedway in the 2014 Racing Season. Any questions you may have please call our Tech Line @ 1(612) 282-4370

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