We are reluctant to inform you that we will not be hosting the 2013 Fall Dirt Nationals October 4th and 5th. We realize that this is an exciting event that many of you look forward to at Elko Speedway, but we had to make the hard decision to cancel the Fall Dirt Nationals and for this we apologize.

There were many factors involved in this decision. The main set back in hosting the Fall Dirt event is the fact that the Legend Dirt Nationals were not able to return to Elko Speedway. Another factor in our decision was the vulnerability of the fall weather. With the potential of unsuitable conditions, the risk of low attendance is high. We have had a great season so far with the weather being exceptional to date, and lots of fans have been filling up the grandstands.

We are facing the challenges of keeping the racing scene alive in the Midwest head on. It is important that Elko Speedway takes care of both the physical and financial health of our ongoing business. Without the National Dirt Legend event, there was no way to guarantee the financial success of the 2013 Fall Dirt Nationals. At this point in time, we have evaluated future dirt events and have decided that in order to keep the financial wellbeing of Elko Speedway, we will not have any future dirt racing without significant sponsorship involvement. Please stay tuned to our website to see how this unfolds.

We have to realize that finding ways to keep fans coming back each week is getting more difficult. Elko Speedway is dedicated to the racing community and we are trying our best to continually provide our fans with fun, exciting, family friendly entertainment. Again, please accept our sincerest apologies for canceling the 2013 Fall Dirt Nationals. We hope to see you out at the track soon.


Elko Speedway Staff

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