2019 ELKO! Banquet Form can be found in the FORMS section below.


Motor Pit Admissions

NASCAR License: 2019 – TBD

• All NASCAR Memberships can be completed ONLINE HERE or via the Link above.

• NASCAR / Eve of Destruction Pit Pass $45 ($40 with NASCAR Membership) plus tax.

• 11th Annual Thunderstruck93 / Per Day Pit Pass $45/day, plus tax.

• Pit slabs per night $30, plus tax.

• 2019 INEX Membership $175

All cars must have a transponder.  Transponders are available for purchase or rent in the tire building.
If you have any further questions, please call the office at (952) 461-7223 or email


Spectator Drag/Outlaw Rules

Enter through the pit gate by no later than 6:00 pm.  Let the ticket attendant know you are running the Outlaw or Spectator Drag and they will ask you your name, hometown, make and model of the vehicle.  They will then give you a card with either a number or a letter.  Bring this card to the person at the gate entrance and they will letter or number your car.  Please park in the motorpits and be ready to race.  Listen to the PA Announcements in the pits and you will be directed to stage your car in line approximately 10 minutes before the event.

Spectator Drags: Must be a street legal vehicle

Outlaw Spectator Drags: Any car qualifies!  Be ready to race the track in both directions, clockwise and counterpoise.


Track Rental

For more information or to rent the track, please call the office at 952-461-7223.


Saturday Event Schedule





3:00 PM – 5:00 PM PRACTICE

** Times Subject To Change


Overnight Rules

1. Must be parked on a pit slab with a gray tarp covering the car.
2. The car cannot leak any fluids.
3. Driver must purchase a 10 punch season pass, NASCAR license and pit slab for the year.
4. Thursdays (which we are open for practice) and Saturdays after pit gates open
are the only times the race car can be worked on.
5. Elko Speedway will not be responsible for theft or damage to the car while parked on the premises.
Parking is at your own risk.