Welcome to Elko Speedway & Champions Outdoor Movie Theater (Elko). All of us at Elko welcome you and your family and friends. We hope that you have the very best experience and totally enjoy your time here.

In order for everyone to have the best time possible, please make yourself familiar with the rules and policies that are listed below.

1. NO CARRY-INS ALLOWED. For your convenience, we have concession stands located in the facility to serve all guests. All of your favorite food and beverage items are available. No food or beverage will be permitted to be brought into the facility. If items of this nature are found, they will be confiscated.

2. ALCOHOL. We want all guests of Elko to drink responsibly. No consumption of alcoholic beverages will be permitted without the following conditions:

a. You must show proper identification to prove age. You must be 21 years of age or older to consume/purchase alcohol. No minor consumption of alcoholic beverages will be tolerated. If minor consumption is involved, Elko New Market Police will be called immediately.

b. Alcoholic beverages must be purchased at Elko.

c. Alcoholic beverages must be consumed in Elko’s regulated liquor service area only.

d. Elko may refuse to serve alcoholic beverages to any person for any reason.

e. Elko may report any persons in violation of the alcohol policy to Elko New Market Police if we believe you are acting contrary to the law or in a manner which may endanger yourself, others, or their property.

f. If you are asked to leave because of an alcohol policy – no refunds will be available.

3. LOUD NOISES. No loud sound systems or excess noise of any kind. Rule of thumb: if the vehicle next to you can hear your sound system then it is too loud. Security will issue one warning to lower the volume of your sound system or any excessive noise. The second incident will result in that “group” being asked to leave the premises. No refunds will be issued.

4. LIGHTS. No use of bright lights, flares, sparklers, fireworks, head lights, dome lights, etc. Anything that generates light will not be permitted. Lighting will be available around the parking areas and race track area to insure the safety of our patrons.

5. BEHAVIOR. We want all patrons to have the best experience possible. Our image will be shaped not only by our staff, drivers, teams, but our patrons as well. Our goal is to ensure that every patron experiences the high-energy environment but that we also create a safe and supportive environment for everyone while maintaining a wholesome, family oriented atmosphere. To ensure that all patrons have a pleasant experience at our facility, each guest should act responsibly and be considerate of others. Be on your best behavior. Elko security personnel will respond to complaints of misconduct. Remember, Elko is privately owned so patrons who fail to comply with Elko policy and rules after being warned will be subject to ejection or arrest. No refunds are available if you are asked to leave. Below are some behavior guidelines:

a. Patrons are asked to wear shoes, pants, and shirts at all times.

b. No public urination will be allowed.

c. No abusive language or contact will be allowed. Anyone exhibiting this behavior will be asked to leave the premises without a refund. If necessary, Police will be summoned.

d. Be courteous and respectful of others around you. Do not sit in aisles/walkways.

e. Smoking is permitted in designated areas.

f. Patrons caught throwing any items will be immediately removed from the property, with the possibility of being prosecuted under Minnesota law.

g. Please pick up after yourselves. Garbage/Recycling cans are available all over the facility.

h. All bags, purses, blankets, cars, etc. are subject to search by Elko security prior to entering the premises. Prohibited items or contraband that is discovered during security inspections at any time will be confiscated. Unlawful items that are discovered during security inspections will be reported to the Police.

6. PROHIBITED ITEMS. To ensure that all patrons have a safe and enjoyable visit to Elko Speedway and Champions Outdoor Movie Theater, the following items which are examples but not limited to, will not be permitted to be brought onto the premises:

a. Coolers

b. Glass containers

c. Weapons

d. Illegal drugs

e. Fireworks, sparklers, flares, etc.

f. Laser lights, etc.

g. Alcoholic beverages

7. OVERNIGHT PARKING. Overnight parking is allowed at no charge but must be done in designated areas and on a first come first serve basis. There are no hookups. No grilling or fires permitted unless you are using a designated fire pit.

8. MISCELLEANOUS ITEMS. Below is a list of other rules and policies for Elko.

a. There will be absolutely no re-admittance once you leave Elko. You will not be able to return.

b. It is your responsibility to prove that you purchased a ticket. If you are asked to prove purchase you must be able to produce your ticket.

c. Any person under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

d. It is up to every individual to know the curfew laws. Anyone on Elko’s property under age, after curfew times without a parent or guardian will be asked to leave without a refund.

e. No grilling or open fires except in designated fire pits.

f. NO PETS allowed on our premises unless it is a service animal to aid the visually impaired, hearing impaired or physically disabled.

g. Articles found during an event will be turned into the lost and found at the Souvenir Stand.

h. Handicap seating for racing is located at the bottom of the center grandstand with companion seating adjacent to this designated area.

9. PAYMENT FORMS. Elko accepts the following payments: Cash or Credit (MasterCard or Visa only) for payment at the ticketing entrance or Champions Entertainment Center. Concessions are cash only. Elko has an ATM machine for your convenience and it is located inside Champions Entertainment Center located under the grandstands.

10. PARKING. Parking is always free with a ticket in designated areas. Please allow our security team to show you where parking is located. Handicap and Disabled Parking is available in our designated area located on the blacktop. You must have your disabled parking pass issued by your state displayed in your window or on your license plate. Motorcycle Parking is located just east of the A frame office building. These special areas are clearly marked.

11. EMERGENCIES. In case of an emergency, please find security personnel to assist you.

a. LOST CHILDREN – Elko personnel will escort children whom become separated from their families to the souvenir stand until their families are located. If you are looking for your lost child, please find the nearest Elko Security personnel.

b. FIRST AID – If you are in need of first aid and it is not a dire medical emergency, please contact Elko Security personnel for assistance. If it is a dire emergency have someone call 911, then alert Elko Security personnel.

c. INCLEMENT WEATHER – Elko Security and Personnel will direct you in what to do in the case of inclement weather.

12. SECURITY. Elko Security personnel will be stationed throughout the premises. Should you require assistance, please contact Security or the nearest Staff Member. The appropriate person or agency will be dispatched to your location to assist you.


13. Ticket/Rain-Out – Weather Policy.
(Subject to Change)
Elko Speedway Management will make every effort to start and complete each scheduled event. If Elko Speedway Management determines inclement weather may cause conditions that prevent the remaining events in the scheduled program will be canceled with the following stipulations:

a. If the event is considered incomplete, a ticket will be given to you upon exiting and this is your rain check for the designated rescheduled date(s), as announced. It is the patron’s responsibility to obtain a ticket before leaving. There is no cash value for the tickets and no refunds will be issued. Rain checks will not be valid on ARCA, ARCA Midwest Tour, Concert events or any other event as decided by Elko Speedway Management.

b. Skybox Tickets – If the event is considered incomplete, retain your ticket stub that was issued for the skybox and call the Elko Speedway Ticket office at (952)461-7223 the following week of the incomplete event, for the appropriate substitute ticket. If prior arrangements are not made, your ticket will be good for a general admission ticket on the designated rescheduled date(s), as announced. There is no cash value for the tickets and no refunds will be issued. Rain checks will not be valid on ARCA, ARCA Midwest Tour, Concert events or any other event as decided by Elko Speedway Management.

c. The program will be considered complete (no rain checks) if one-half of the program is completed.

d. There is not a rain check policy for tour races. If the tour event is rescheduled, tickets will be valid on that date only and a ticket will be given to you upon exiting and this is your rain check for the designated rescheduled date, as announced. It is the patron’s responsibility to obtain a ticket before leaving. There is no cash value for the tickets and no refunds will be issued.

e. Champions Drive-In Theater – There is not a rain policy for the drive in Movie Theater.

Thank you for respecting our rules and policies. We know you will appreciate and understand why we need to detail and enforce these rules and policies. It is extremely rare that speedways and outdoor movie theaters even exist in this day and age. In order for Elko to continue to provide this experience, we need everyone to stay within these rules and policies to respect our neighbors and this amazing community of Elko New Market.

Thank you and have a great time,
Elko Speedway and Champions Outdoor Theater Staff.